EDDY RIVERS -   A Better Choice For Entertainment!

Here you will find everything needed to book 
Seven Time Award Winning singer/entertainer & tribute artist.
Eddy Rivers has been in the music industry for over 20 years and is extremely polished, versatile  and professional in the music that he sings. Let Eddy and his staff design a show just for you and your guests to enjoy.

Eddy has over 400 songs for you to chose from if you decide you would like a pre designed show.
Eddy is known for his incredible tribute shows and spectacular stage presence. Eddy pays tribute to a variety of artists including:
Engelburt Humperdinck, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty, The Archie's,
The Searchers, Bobby Darin, Billy "Crash" Craddock, Michael Buble’, Blake Shelton, Gary Pucket & the Union Gap, Dean Martin 
and a host of others.
Songs from Eddy’s repertoire include:
"Release Me", "Misty", "My Way", "Silver Wings", "I Cross My Heart", "Pretty Woman", "Blueberry Hill", "Sweet Caroline",
"Suspicious Minds", "Hello Darlin",
"Sugar, Sugar", "Love Potion Number Nine", "Dream Lover", "Rub It In",
"Love Me With All Your Heart", "Home", "Sway", "Baby Face", "Tiny Bubbles"
" Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" ?, "Lady Willpower", "That's Amore'" 
and many, many other great songs.

Eddy Rivers is not only an award winning singer, he is an entertainer! He gets the audience involved in his shows, gives trivia on songs throughout his performance, goes out into the audience from time to time, tells a few jokes, and genuinely has a great time. Eddy loves what he does, so come see Eddy and you'll be hooked!
Eddy is available for events such as: Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Concerts, Charitable Events,  M. H. C., G. Communities, RV Rallies, Churches, State & County Fairs, Corporate Events, Wedding Receptions and more!
(863) 937-2627

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!
Eddy also has his own jewelry company entitled
"Just for You" Magnetic Jewelry & More!  and there are tabs for that off to the left hand side of this page with sample pictures. Updated on a regular basis.

Comments from Fans and Clients

Eddy, it was marvelous seeing and hearing you again, you sweet thing!!!! I always enjoy your program, I was happy to see you and I hope you come back soon! (I know, every first Friday of the month!) I will not forget. What I hear from other people here that they adore you too. The songs you sing are well known to most of us. You ain’t!!! crazy, you know how to touch us where it hurts…..our youth, our first loves, our yearnings (yes they won’t go away)

When you have left our place we sit there for a few minutes, dazed and thinking back how it used to be when the songs touched our hearts because we lived those songs, at least I did! I can see some of the people here with glazed eyes thinking of that romantic time in our lives with our first loves. You know what you do to us, don’t you?
Despite making our dreams flare up, we realize that we will probably never have that romantic love again, but we can dream, cannot we? A
Thank you again!

Anne Larsen
(Resident - Southland Suites - Lakeland, FL) 


I was so pleased with your performance on August 8th . It goes without saying by our residents response and their singing along, that they truly enjoyed your show. It is not always easy to find the kind of entertainment that you think the elderly  might enjoy, however I have received many requests for your return visit.

You will be hearing from us again, Much Success!

Cheryl Hortsman
(Spring Hill, FL)


Thank you so much for entertaining the residents at Hibiscus Mobile Home Community. They really enjoyed it. They have told all the residents who didn't get a chance to hear you on what a wonderful time they had and how good you were. They loved it when you mingled with them. I've had several residents come into my office and tell me they really enjoyed you and that you are going to make it bib.It brought back memories to each one of them hearing some of the older songs. They loved the tribute to Elvis at the end (An American Trilogy). they hope I book you again in the near future which I definitely plan to do.

thank you again for making it a Great Day for them

Pauline Handrigan
Resident Coordinator
(Mount Dora, FL)


Eddy Rivers  - A musician who has played at our club (Inverness Golf & Country Club)
on numerous occasions, and whnever booked - Always draws a large crowd. He is highly entertaining, and is very dependable.

John Kelly
(General Manager/PGA Professional - Inverness, FL)


I've been booking entertainment for Orange Manor 9 years. I've had some amazing talent.

This year Eddy Rivers performed for us. The audience loved him! I was getting thumbs up all during the performance.

They loved the interaction with the audience and his singing and asked to have him entertain again.  He Will!!

Shirley Combs
Entertainment Coordinator - Orange Manor Mobile West - Winter Haven, FL 


Thanks to your participation, this was the best Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon ever! You are a very talented singer/entertainer, and the guests just loved you. Thank you so much for donating your time for this special event, honoring those volunteers who helped our operation in 2005. You really enlivened the "Round Up" with your choice of music, outstanding voice, and audience involvement. We have never had live entertainment, but your performance convinced us of it's value. I think the guests would have gone on dancing with you even after the electric slide .

Donna Young
(House Director "Ronald McDonald House" Tampa Bay)

The November 2oth presentation you did at Spanish Village was a huge success. the residents LOVED you. They haven't stopped talking about you. Several of them are planning  to go see you at your next performance next month. It's been a long time since Spanish Village has had great entertainment for their enjoyment and you were absolutely great!!! The residents really enjoyed your mingle in, dancing with them and your comedy of "one liners" were a big hit.  They can't wait till I have you entertain again for them and I cannot thank you enough for a super job.!! You are doing so well that it won't take long for you to make it big.

Thank again for a Super Evening at Spanish Village!

Pauline Handrigan
Resident Coordinator
(Spanish Village - Leesburg, FL)