EDDY RIVERS -   A Better Choice For Entertainment!

Hello, and welcome to my official website.
I have put together a DVD demonstration for you and your committees, friends, families and guests to enjoy. 

I offer a wide variety of music, and I am certain that you and your committees, friends, families and guests  will see something that you will enjoy for your next event.

When I come to perform, I will be bringing with me my BOSE music system. The speakers that are used produce a wide, uniform sound coverage without loud exaggerated volume, in other words it is very pleasing to the ears even those with hearing aids.

After seeing and hearing my demonstration video I am certain that you will feel that Eddy Rivers will be the best choice for your entertainment needs.

Please feel free to contact me, or my staff and I (we) will be happy to assist you in scheduling your next event. Thank you for considering me and have a wonderful day!

Yours truly,
Eddy Rivers

PO Box 2181
Eaton Park, FL 33804

(863) 937-2627